Information for Poster Presenter

You should have received an email from SHC Secretariat inviting you to present your Poster.

Please click on this link for Poster Submission Guide and Poster Template.


All persons who are presenting a Poster must:
Use e-Poster Submission by 2.00 pm SGT Thursday, 25 May 2023 to upload your poster.

  • The ePoster to be published in the ePoster Gallery and in Hardcopy and be pinned up in the Poster Gallery at the Live Conference
  • A pre-recorded video presenting your Poster can be uploaded at the same time as your Poster.
  • If you are attending the Conference virtually then you must upload a pre-recorded video. If you are presenting your Poster in person at the Conference, it is recommended but NOT compulsory to upload a video of your presentation.
  • During the Conference, your video will be linked to your e-Poster and where possible to the hardcopy of your Poster and be available to attendees who wish to listen to it.
  • After the Conference, videos and e-Posters relating to Hepatology will be uploaded on to the SHC Vimeo account and will be available to members of the SHC website as an e-Resource. Gastroenterology related videos and e-Posters may also be available subsequent to the event.

If the e-Poster is uploaded by Thursday, 25 May 2023, the Conference Organisers will organise and bear the cost of printing the e-Posters in hard copy and pinning them up in the Poster Hall. E-Posters submitted after 25 May 2023 will NOT be printed out in hardcopy by the Conference Organisers.

After 25 May 2023, if you are attending in person and you have not uploaded your ePoster, then you may bring your Poster to the Poster Hall which will be open from 31 May 2023 to 3 June 2023.

Poster & Video Recording Submission Guide

Authors whose Abstracts have been selected for Poster Presentation at the Inaugural Combined GiHEP and Singapore Hepatology Conference 2023 will be required to submit their Poster & Video Recording as per the format given below.

File TypePoster: PDF File, maximum 20 MB.
FormattingRecommended font types: Calibri, Arial, Times New Roman Portrait orientation format, AO size (841mm x 1189mm)
HeadingThe heading indicates the title of the paper, author(s), institution, and location.
Depicting SectionEach section can be numbered with text in a font size to guide the attendee through your poster. Color is an effective method for separating sections and adding graphic impact. Try to avoid color combinations that are difficult to read.
PremiseYour poster should include three-to-five brief sentences outlining the information necessary to understand the study, and why it was done. The question(s) to be asked or the hypotheses to be tested should be clearly and succinctly stated.
MethodsOutline your methods briefly, providing only details for new methods, or modifications of older methods.
GraphicsResults presented in the form of a graph or chart are always more effective than blocks of text. Provide a legend for symbols and other details, and interpretation of results below each panel.
ConclusionState the conclusion succinctly in large type. (Many viewers read this first, so it should be concise and easy to understand.)
Videos1. Record your video using MP4, MKV, or AVI file formats. The resolution should be 1080p or better for optimal streaming quality.
2. The video length is five (5) to ten (10) minutes for all papers and pictorials.
3. Name your finished video: PaperID#-PresenterLastName-AbstractNumber.mp4
4. We recommend a full-screen presentation format for your content (slides, demos, etc.) with a picture-in-picture speaker view. We suggest using a high-quality microphone and record with a minimally-distracting background for the best quality.
5. Upload your video to Google Drive and share the Video with

If you are Coming to Singapore:

Before You Arrive in Singapore

You must Register for The Inaugural Combined GiHEP & Singapore Hepatology Conference.

Please check your acceptance email for the relevant Promo Code. For registration questions or concerns, please email

The Inaugural Combined GiHEP & Singapore Hepatology Conference would prefer if you can deliver your Poster Presentations live in person in Singapore and to that end, some travel grants may be available. If you are a Poster Presenter, you may provide the name of a replacement speaker from your author string to present in your place.

If you are arriving from overseas, You must:
Reserve your flight and hotel. Some suggestions for hotels are found in Attendee/Visitor Information.

Please check on Immigration and Checkpoint Authority to determine your Visa Requirements. If you require an Invitation Letter, please click on Singapore Visa Invitation Letter to fill in the form for the letter.

Click on the Singapore Public Health Requirements to find out the latest on the Singapore government Covid and other health regulations.

After You Arrive in Singapore

Check into your hotel
If you had not uploaded your e-Poster before 25 May 2023, You must print out your Poster in hardcopy.

The Poster Hall will be opened after 2.00 pm 31 May 2023 and you may proceed directly to your assigned poster board to pin up the Hard Copy of your Poster at your assigned poster board.

Poster presenters are responsible for removing their posters from their boards by 5.30pm, Saturday, 3 June 2023. Any posters or poster tubes remaining in the Poster Hall after 6.00 p.m. SGT will be discarded. Overnight storage is not permitted.

Poster sessions will be held during lunch & tea breaks in simultaneous informal presentations by several investigators in the Poster Hall. To communicate with all interested attendees, the best approach is to minimize the specific details presented on the poster. Alternatively, if you have uploaded your video presentation of your Poster, we will link your video presentation to the hard copy of your poster using QR codes or similar technology.